Tuesday, 18 May 2010

WOYWW This one is for you Julia!!!!

Ok! Ok!

I know it is not yet Wednesday but as i have meetings most of the day tomorrow and i have to start at 8am this might be my only catch up!

Well no crafting to post as it has been a mega busy weekend.

It all started with a friends of mine and Laura's over at Airing cupboard crafts. The couple we are talking about are both serving in the Army and were given the chance to have a home makeover for a TV show (to be shown in Sept) called Homes for Heroes.

The attraction for me and Laura was the host!!! Only a TY PENNINGTON!!!! from Extreme home make over the American TV show, shown on the Home channel. I'm sure some of you are aware of the programme?

So with this as an attraction we both duly offered our services to help out :)

We did have a fab time and did get to meet Ty which was great and yes he does look the same (a little older) sorry Ty! He was however the perfect gentleman and made time to talk to the two girls making the brews, washing up and cleaning up behind the crew.

He said he had been told we had a list of our top 10 men (put up to this by the friend having the makeover of course) and proceeded to ask us both where in our top 10 he came! (cheeky)

I think we both managed to make his ego hit the floor however when we put him in his rightful place and told him he would have trouble making our top 100 let alone 10, and Laura made him drag his ego around by telling him she would rather have the cockney geezer from the programme, as quoted by Laura "you know the British one with the bald head". At this point the lovely Julia rang to talk clocks with me and when i told her i could not talk as we were mid way through a conversation with Ty Pennington i thought she would wet here self with the noise which was coming from the other end of the phone!!!!

We did however lap up our time and have a giggle with Ty and it obviously had a lasting impression as when i saw him again on Sunday he said "oh!! there you are the one who has a top 100 I'm not in!!!

So as you can see no crafting done just B list Celeb chasing!!!

The pic above is me and my baby posing with Ty, unfortunately Laura
was not with me when I had the Camera so no pic's of us together with him!!!

So now I have taken up enough of your time I hope you have all had a great crafting week and I Promise to pull my finger out and do some crafting for next week, and for all of you in the Wiltshire area he is around for a few days yet so keep your eyes peeled you never know who you might bump into!!

Happy Crafting

Kelly :)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Good afternoon all! Has taken me some time to get here today due to the dreaded WORK.

Well it has been a busy week for me with crafting and I have certainly got my mojo back! This is one of the LO's i did at Ludgershall Crop on Saturday this was just what i needed to get me back on track so thank you to the lovely Julia! My daughter was so keen on me scrapping her on the Trampoline. I took this from a UKS Cybercrop class that I did not have time to do last week!
This is another crop LO and another UKS Cybercrop class I cannot remember the class names as my memory is rubbish! I was reluctant to have a go at these as they are not really my style but hey ho!! Now they are done I love them.

I had a whole day to myself yesterday and with no house work left to do and only me and the dogs at home what was a girl to do but craft. so I spent the day planning and starting my woyww Anniversary challenge and have really enjoyed doing this! It is not yet finished but nearly, of course I cannot show you it yet but I will give you a sneeky peek at some of the papers in have used. These are so girly I love them!!!! Very Pink and very me. (I'm sure you have spotted the Pink theme going on, no guessing my fav colour!)

So that is what is on my work desk this week. I am off to get myself a coffee now and then to spend a quite hour browsing your work desks!! Happy crafting Wednesday :)

Kelly x