Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hello all

Here we are again another Wednesday, at this rate it will be Christmas before we know it! Here is my desk this week.

It has been a really busy week for me and i have had lots of fun in my scrap room creating. That time of year is coming and it is only 6 more weeks until the children break up, i have started to think about pressies and cards for the teachers. I have made 2 little clip boards for marton and Julie in my son's boarding house, these will go with their Links of London charms for their Sweetie bracelets and also a card and box of biscuits for their tea break. As for the house master well he will get a nice bottle of something!

Then i have my little one who is in primary, she is just finishing her first year in Junior school and has had a really fab settled year. I cannot thank her teacher enough for this as she has various medical problems and this has had no impact on her education this year, even though she had time off for 2 operations. I therefore have been thinking more about this gift and have to admit i have not even started to make this it is still in the planning stage will post pics when i start. Great idea for this upcoming project from the Ideas for scrapbookers blog.

Laura from Airing cupboard crafts lent me a book to have a nosey through today, all about scrap booking and your space. It has been a really good read and i plan to lift a few of the ideas. I have however this evening lifted this, a fab idea for storage of your photos waiting to be scrapped! I was sick of having photo wallets all over the place, now i will be so organised and know just where to look for my pic's when I'm in a hurry to packed for crop!!!!!!! Here are a couple of pics of the box in progress, not yet complete but getting there!

I am also so proud to say i was front page of UKS this week in the blog bits, i did this LO of my eldest son this last Sunday. I have to admit it took me about 10 minutes! and most of this time was cutting out the title on the cricut. The question was is the background paper or stamped ? The answer is paper, but i have to say i have no idea who's ? I was given it when i first started scrap booking and did not look before i used it :( All i know is it was just right for this LO.

So, there goes another WOYWW and at least i have something to show for it for a change! Hope you have all been busy??? Will be hopping this afternoon when i get home from the dreaded work!

A busy week here i and can honestly say long may it coninue, well as long as the bloody world cup is on the telly!!!!

Happy crafting

Kelly x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup Kick off!!

Good evening everyone,

Well here we are the rest of my house are gathered infront of the TV for the first England match (well OH and the dogs!) my boys will be gathered infront of the TV at school and well Maddy my little one said she would rather poo her pants than watch the foot ball! not very patriotic i know but I'm not really into the game either!

So i have found myself spending the majority of the day in the craft room playing, with the end of the school year looming i thought it was time to think about gifts for the children's teachers. I found a fab idea a few days ago over on scrapbook ideas blog, although i have not yet started to lift it!! My first end of term comes on the 2ND July when my boys boarding school breaks up for the summer.

They have many teachers and i could not afford of physically find the time to get round them all so i only do the three members of staff who look after my boys the majority of the time. These are Matron, Julie & the house master. Well i cannot imagine the HM enjoying many of my crafting achievements??? well it is a man thing. But matron & Julie who are the two important people who run the show will so here are the two little clipboards for their offices i have made today. Not the only pressie from me but just a little personal gift!

Well after finishing those i thought i would carry on and make a LO, one of those ones i have been thinking about and had the pic laying around for, for ages. It is my eldest son Luke and is all about his attitude!!! boy does he have one!

Happy crafting, see u on Wednesday


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Well here we are and it is Wed again! Well it is really Tuesday eve as i am typing this, i will not be around until late tom evening. I have to go to a work conference! I know very boring well that was what i thought until i found out it is at center parks!!! so excited sub tropical swimming pool here i come :)

I has been a busy crafting week for me with the crop on Saturday and for once i really feel like i have something to show you!
So this is the desk this week and i have also found (took me this long as i am a blonde bird) that down in my little room i can stream ITV 1 and BBC 1 online so this is great news might not see much of the family at all now!!!

Well as i have already said Saturday just past was crop day and what a fab day was had by all, Jay made some fab little top hat treats for all of us and fab conversation was going all day. I did however manage to make 3 LO's

The first was a pic of my 3 not so babys now, taken at Longleat Safari Park last week in the glorious weather. Just for once they are smiling and happy together.

The second LO i produced was of a childhood memory! I have been thinking of this alot since my mum and dad recently moved from my childhood home into a bungalow, we found lots of old toys in the attic during the clear our but unfortunately not this one :( This is the toy i remember and loved the most during my early years so i thought just for a change i might do a LO of something. The tree trunk was lifted from a LO in the current issue of the scrapbook magazine, i do not have any more info as my daughter spilt a drink on mine last week and left it lying there for an hour of so until it was unrecognisable :( The trunk was done with double sided sticky tape and lots of string a little time consuming but pleased with the final product.
And so to my final LO and the one that makes me most proud! My boys in their Dukies school uniform!
So guys as you can see, as promised something crafty to finally look at this week on my desk!
I hope you have enjoyed a little peak and i will hopefully get to see some of yours tomorrow night or Thursday.
Happy crafting

Monday, 7 June 2010

So proud of my boys!

Hello all

I have been a bit slow on the blogging front and a little lazy on the crafting front too! This is because the weather has been so beautiful that i could not drag myself away from the garden, i'm sure you have all been having the same issue!!!

I went to my local crop on Saturday and sat next to the lovely Julia and Laura who motivated me to do something hence this LO of my two teenagers who go to a military boarding school.

It is nearly the end of the school year for them (only 3 weeks left) and at the end of the year the school have a trooping of the colour parade, the parents are invited to attend and it is a very posh affair. The children all look fantastic in their blues uniforms and make their parents very proud!

This year will be extra special for us as our eldest son is boy RSM.

So here it is my Dukies! I hope you like! It was suprisingly easy to produce to union jack and i am very pleased with the finished product.

See you all on Wednesday.


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

WOYWW Anniversary

Good morning all from a very sunny Wiltshire!!

Well here we are at the WOYWW anniversary week, boy it has come around fast for me!

After a dry crafting spell i managed to sort myself out to have a go at the Anniversary week, as a new crafter with a room to dedicate to just my crafting this was a fab idea as my room was looking very bare on the decoration side:(

So here we are with my offering it is very basic but i have enjoyed participating all the same and am very pleased with the outcome!

This is my lovely new box to store all of the little
Bits an pieces in on my desk this matches the bunting below.

This is the WOYWW bunting i made for the wall
as the walls were so bare!!! I am so pleased and it
does make the room look 100% better!!

The clock is just one i have decorated as i am
forever losing track of time in my little space
and did not want to be late for the school run!

It does not have the WOYWW logo on it but the
Parers match !

So I am off now to have a look at all of your desks!

Kelly x