Sunday, 18 July 2010


Hello all

Found this on face book it is the page links for SVG cuts

You could also try this one this is the link for the free give away which is a free copy of SCAL 2!

Go on have a go! you never know!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

free classes

hello all thought you might like to skip over to this address and look at some of the free classes they have. Some great stuff and all free take a look!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Time flys!

Well it has been a month and such a busy one! I have not had time to blog inbetween work, home and social life!
I have not had much time to craft either, but now school is coming to an end my caseload at work is setteling down and i have found acouple of spare days to complete a cople of projects waiting in the wings.

This is a challenge i am taking part in, in preperation for xmas. you can find the details of this here Basically you make 5 identical xmas cards per month. The challenge is set and this month it is anything goes! So here it is my first batch of monthly xmas cards. Lets just hope i can keep it up!

The other little project i have been concentrating on is teacher gifts for my daughter, i had thought long and hard about this one and spent a lot of time googling ideas. I wanted to do something very different from the past years and as i am now crafting it was an opportunity to get on and do it! I got the idea from a blog i follow

I loved the idea and have spent a little time gathering the bits and pieces to complete the project.
Here is the box nearly decorated and ready to fill.

This is some of the contents of the box tagged and ready to go in.

This is the little card which gives the details of everything in the box.

Well it's late and friday night so i think i may have bored you all enough now and it may well just be time for bed!

Hopefully see you all on Wed and will show pics of the finished project!

Happy crafting

Kelly ;)