Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Keep missing Wednesdays!!!

Hi all

well it's been somtime and i have lacked the time and energy to scrap or blog :( Now we are well and truly into the summer holidays and i have been away completed all the tasks await me (except buying new uniform) I have found time to scrap and craft. So please scroll down to last Fridays blog to see what i have been up to. I have nothing to add today as it been quite a week and i have had 2 seperate visits to A & E this week with the family and a lovely day yesterday with Laura from airing cupboard crafts and some other friends shopping and lunching in town.
Happy crafting, i'm now off to hop through your blogs for inspairation :)

Friday, 13 August 2010

I'm back

Wow! has it really been all this time???? I fell like it has been forever since i have done anything in my craft room apart from clean! well a girl has to have a little dust and hoover now and then. School finished and life became busy sorting everything out for our family holiday and then finally going on holiday! We had a fab week away and the weather was beautiful. I am secretly glad that now we are back the weather has been rubbish as it has given me the perfect excuse to just spend lots of time in the craft room.
I have been participating in the I really enjoyed yesterdays challenges and have found this a good way to get my mojo back. Here are two of the projects i have completed from the first day.

The above picture is from the bonus project which was all about making mosaics, i had just printed these lovely pics of our holiday and what a fab opportunity. Not over the moon with the finished project but as it is my first LO in a while it's not too bad.

This cone shaped object is a Schuletute which is German it's a kinda gift bag which German people fille with goodies for their children's return to school. I loved having a go at this and what a fab incentive to encourage them back to school. Im very pleased with the outcome.

I have not had a go at today challenges, as lovely as they are they have not really appealed to me so i will go back again tomorrow for another look.

Im off now to have a really good look at all of your blogs! Dont forget to go and have a look at the

Kelly x