Friday, 29 October 2010

Take That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry ladies no crafting have been too busy! But I am so excited i had to tell you all I have got tickets to go and see these guys.....................

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Hi all, there is not a lot of work in progress on my desk this week. There is however lots of newly bought stash ready and waiting to be used! I have been busy here catching up on jobs needing to be done while I'm on holiday and before the big c!!!!! So sorry to disappoint :( but I will leave you with a few pics of my stash and try and hop around you all later x
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Sunday, 17 October 2010

December daily

Well it's been a quiet day and after all the halloween bits and pieces I have made I fancied doing something different. So this is the start of my december daily. I found this idea on ali edwards blog and will be my first attempt at it. So these pictures are of my front cover, not compleatly finished but a start. I looked at ali's blog and liked her style of the daily pages but did not fancy paying $37 to download them, so as you can see I have had a go on my computer and made my own version. I am really pleased with the outcome and will be doing the rest of them myself now! Just to choose lots of christmas colours and print them. I have a list of lovely bits I need for this and am off craft shopping with laura from airing cupboard crafts this week to have some fun:)

Hope you have all had a fun crafting weekend :)
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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Halloween candy box

Wow! 3rd time today!!! Must be a record!!! Here is a ferrero rocher box I have altered for my coffee table. I'm gonna fill it with my favs fox's fruits!

That's the last today, (well probley for ages). Off to watch xfactor now, see who's going out.

Happy crafting

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Halloween party bags

Halloween party bags done too! I am a busy bee today!
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Halloween card

My quick attempt at a halloween card! I have enjoyed doing this and have fallen in love with the bottom svg border! So cute :)
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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Halloween Calender

Well its Saturday and its been a busy crafting week for me! Have been off of work all week with a poorly little girl! She is now on the mend :) I had to find something other that house work and poor day time telly to keep me busy. They have a fab Halloween challenge going on over at Two Peas in a Bucket, this has been inspiring me all week along with the fab blog EIGHTEEN 25.

So here it is the crafting that has been keeping me busy all week. Its a Halloween countdown calender. I used Echo park papers and Embellishments along with some pics taken at Halloween in Euro Disney last year.
I hope you like I'm pretty pleased with it! I have found it really hard to obtain decent packs of Halloween papers on line and in my local shop. I understand Halloween is not as celebrated here in the UK as it is in the US but come on guys, some of us enjoy doing Halloween LO's and challenges.

Anyway I'm off now to see what new challenges there are for today before the X Factor live starts!!

Kelly x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Well here it is just a little offering for this week. I have been taking part in the halloween challenge over at 2 peas and this is my version of the first challenge a halloween door plack!

Nothing alse this week due to girls fab weekend away and needing to catch up on much needed sleep!

Catch u all next week

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Monday, 27 September 2010


Here i am after a mega productive weekend crafting :) So much new stash and no time to play with it. I allotted the weekend to myself and sent hubby off to the golf course. I wanted to do something with my favourite holiday photos and i thought what better way than a mini book. I had seen these fab new papers (road trip from Prima) and i just had to have them. So this is picture heavy but here is my mini book..........

OK so mini book made, i spent forever blog hopping for inspiration and knew i did not want to do a LO. I needed to have a bit of a change. I have had this Tando house sat in the jiffy bag envelope since it arrived and had not thought much about it for a while. The general chat here between mum's is how little time we now have until Xmas, but of course we have Halloween and Bonfire night first and i cannot possibly think about Xmas shopping yet! So with a few Halloween papers i could find ( not many about this year) i made myself a cute little Halloween spooky house.

I am really pleased with it and am hoping to be able to find a little battery operated light to go inside!! It will look great with my few bits and pieces of Halloween goodies when i get round to decorating nearer to the time. I am going to get online later and order another one of these houses to make into a Christmas Grotto.

Well now i have shared with you I'm off to finish my True blood book and relax before my working week starts :( I won't have time to blog again this week as we (Laura from Airing Cupboard Craft & me) are off to stay with some girlfriends who no longer live here! Girls weekend with lots of Cocktails, laughing talking and of course some shopping!

Have a fab week

Kelly x

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

WOYWW Finally!!!

Well it has been a while!! This post has been put on a little early (Tuesday Eve) but I do have to go to work tomorrow :( So think of me while you are all blog hopping as this is where I will be sat, not my favourite idea of a desk!

The summer really did take up my time and to think I said a whole 6 weeks off and I can craft all the time!

Now the children have all gone back to school and I have gone back to work, I feel more organised and am finally finding time to complete NVQ (think my assessor will pass out) and to find craft time.

So here I am after going to crop a few days ago, I was so disorganised I really don't want to show you the LO's, they are OK but nothing to be proud of!! However I know I need to set myself the task of starting to prepare at least a week in advance!

I have been spending a little time browsing online and looking in my local craft shop for lots of lovely stash! I really like some of the Halloween papers this year and think I may invest in some very soon. I have a cute Tando house to decorate and it's looking more like a Halloween house every day. It is however the festive goodies I have been buying and with so many cute bits and pieces around I really have been having trouble choosing and deciding what to do with them all.

I have not really been into card making until now but thought as I have all of this festive stash I should really use some to make cards instead of buying them! So here is my first attempt at Christmas cards.
I have to say I am quite pleased with them and enjoyed having a go so much I have signed up to do the card marathon being organised by the lovely Julia and Allie from 2 Scrap Ladies in October! Well i figured I might learn something :)

I have also invested in a Cinch and am hoping to find sometime over the weekend to have a play with it. I have some fab new 6x6 papers called Road Trip and I would like to use them to make a mini book of our summer holiday. So ladies watch this space.................

Happy Crafting, Hope to catch up with some blog hopping tomorrow evening!

Kelly x

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Keep missing Wednesdays!!!

Hi all

well it's been somtime and i have lacked the time and energy to scrap or blog :( Now we are well and truly into the summer holidays and i have been away completed all the tasks await me (except buying new uniform) I have found time to scrap and craft. So please scroll down to last Fridays blog to see what i have been up to. I have nothing to add today as it been quite a week and i have had 2 seperate visits to A & E this week with the family and a lovely day yesterday with Laura from airing cupboard crafts and some other friends shopping and lunching in town.
Happy crafting, i'm now off to hop through your blogs for inspairation :)

Friday, 13 August 2010

I'm back

Wow! has it really been all this time???? I fell like it has been forever since i have done anything in my craft room apart from clean! well a girl has to have a little dust and hoover now and then. School finished and life became busy sorting everything out for our family holiday and then finally going on holiday! We had a fab week away and the weather was beautiful. I am secretly glad that now we are back the weather has been rubbish as it has given me the perfect excuse to just spend lots of time in the craft room.
I have been participating in the I really enjoyed yesterdays challenges and have found this a good way to get my mojo back. Here are two of the projects i have completed from the first day.

The above picture is from the bonus project which was all about making mosaics, i had just printed these lovely pics of our holiday and what a fab opportunity. Not over the moon with the finished project but as it is my first LO in a while it's not too bad.

This cone shaped object is a Schuletute which is German it's a kinda gift bag which German people fille with goodies for their children's return to school. I loved having a go at this and what a fab incentive to encourage them back to school. Im very pleased with the outcome.

I have not had a go at today challenges, as lovely as they are they have not really appealed to me so i will go back again tomorrow for another look.

Im off now to have a really good look at all of your blogs! Dont forget to go and have a look at the

Kelly x

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Hello all

Found this on face book it is the page links for SVG cuts

You could also try this one this is the link for the free give away which is a free copy of SCAL 2!

Go on have a go! you never know!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

free classes

hello all thought you might like to skip over to this address and look at some of the free classes they have. Some great stuff and all free take a look!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Time flys!

Well it has been a month and such a busy one! I have not had time to blog inbetween work, home and social life!
I have not had much time to craft either, but now school is coming to an end my caseload at work is setteling down and i have found acouple of spare days to complete a cople of projects waiting in the wings.

This is a challenge i am taking part in, in preperation for xmas. you can find the details of this here Basically you make 5 identical xmas cards per month. The challenge is set and this month it is anything goes! So here it is my first batch of monthly xmas cards. Lets just hope i can keep it up!

The other little project i have been concentrating on is teacher gifts for my daughter, i had thought long and hard about this one and spent a lot of time googling ideas. I wanted to do something very different from the past years and as i am now crafting it was an opportunity to get on and do it! I got the idea from a blog i follow

I loved the idea and have spent a little time gathering the bits and pieces to complete the project.
Here is the box nearly decorated and ready to fill.

This is some of the contents of the box tagged and ready to go in.

This is the little card which gives the details of everything in the box.

Well it's late and friday night so i think i may have bored you all enough now and it may well just be time for bed!

Hopefully see you all on Wed and will show pics of the finished project!

Happy crafting

Kelly ;)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hello all

Here we are again another Wednesday, at this rate it will be Christmas before we know it! Here is my desk this week.

It has been a really busy week for me and i have had lots of fun in my scrap room creating. That time of year is coming and it is only 6 more weeks until the children break up, i have started to think about pressies and cards for the teachers. I have made 2 little clip boards for marton and Julie in my son's boarding house, these will go with their Links of London charms for their Sweetie bracelets and also a card and box of biscuits for their tea break. As for the house master well he will get a nice bottle of something!

Then i have my little one who is in primary, she is just finishing her first year in Junior school and has had a really fab settled year. I cannot thank her teacher enough for this as she has various medical problems and this has had no impact on her education this year, even though she had time off for 2 operations. I therefore have been thinking more about this gift and have to admit i have not even started to make this it is still in the planning stage will post pics when i start. Great idea for this upcoming project from the Ideas for scrapbookers blog.

Laura from Airing cupboard crafts lent me a book to have a nosey through today, all about scrap booking and your space. It has been a really good read and i plan to lift a few of the ideas. I have however this evening lifted this, a fab idea for storage of your photos waiting to be scrapped! I was sick of having photo wallets all over the place, now i will be so organised and know just where to look for my pic's when I'm in a hurry to packed for crop!!!!!!! Here are a couple of pics of the box in progress, not yet complete but getting there!

I am also so proud to say i was front page of UKS this week in the blog bits, i did this LO of my eldest son this last Sunday. I have to admit it took me about 10 minutes! and most of this time was cutting out the title on the cricut. The question was is the background paper or stamped ? The answer is paper, but i have to say i have no idea who's ? I was given it when i first started scrap booking and did not look before i used it :( All i know is it was just right for this LO.

So, there goes another WOYWW and at least i have something to show for it for a change! Hope you have all been busy??? Will be hopping this afternoon when i get home from the dreaded work!

A busy week here i and can honestly say long may it coninue, well as long as the bloody world cup is on the telly!!!!

Happy crafting

Kelly x