Wednesday, 31 March 2010


This is lovely present my friend from airing cupboard crafts bought over to me 2 days ago to cheer me up?? why I don't know not been that grumpy!!! Well did not think i was????But must have seemed it!!! However I was very grateful and they will look fab in my office at work! Thank you Laura

This is the state of my craft room this week!!! Have masses of paper to sort and need to get a grip! Have had a lovely delivery of Amercian Crafts papers and I love them! Just not yet figured out what im going to do with them. I seem to have a mental problem with buying papers at the moment and cannot stop myself!

This was me messing about this morning and having a go at a flower embelishment tutorial i saw on line!!! ok don't laugh i did say i was new to the crafting thing! however I do think it resembles a flower a little and my next attempt will be better (promise). I will keep trying before they are good enough for a LO.

Finally this the result of the Toilet Roll books i made this last week to give to my daughters teachers with a small egg to say thank you! I embelished the inside and put small pics and poems in them. The staff at school were very pleased with them and took time to come and thank me personally for a gift which was unique and personal!! So I m very pleased with my self. Now as today is payday and we are on 2 weeks school holidays it is time i made my way to the craft shop and spent some money to keep me busy!!! So happy crafting see you all next week


Monday, 22 March 2010

Toilet roll mini book

Today however has been a day off and I decided to try and spend some me time in my space. I could not focus on a Layout, even though I have loads of pics and papers. I decided to have a go at the toilet roll mini book I found the tutorial for on the net!!! Easy and loved it, decided against the D rings did not like the look so changed them for Ribbon. Here it is;

Might have a go at another in brighter colours later i the week and try it with the bind it all!!

No Idea what to put on to it????????

Happy crafting


My Room!

Well it's be a funny weekend! I got rid of a bedroom and made it into a craft room for me and then I lost my mojo! So all weekend it's just been there and all I have done is look at it!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

omg busy or what??

  • well ladies it must have been the sunshine this morning that inspired me to do something!!

Here are my take of Country Heart & homes Malteaser cakes! Yum will def be making these again and have a sneaking suspicion they won't last past tomorrow when the family return later!!!

This is also my take on Airing Cupboard crafts Sausage Plait, this is for our tea with some baked pots and sour cream....

And finally some Bread rolls....... Lunch

No crafting done here today but I am off over to Airing Cupboard Craft to play in a mo.... and I have a plan. I am now fed up with the mess on the dining room table and because I am one of those people who really does not do mess well and I have 2 strapping teenagers in bound from boarding school next week and they will create enough mess of their own!!!!

I have decided to convert my spare downstairs bedroom into my own craft room!!! (so excited) When I crossed Mr L's Path with this thought the response I got was do what you want you will anyway!!! ( this was as he was stood shouting out of the living room window to Airing Cupboard craft, see what you have done now!! It's costing me a fortune!!) He was only joking of course as a Golf Widow I think I owe some pay back on the amount he has spent over the last 20 years. So tomorrow is D day ladies and I will post pic's when I'm done.

Happy crafting for today

Kelly x

omg busy or what>>

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Well here I am again!!! Getting good at this now, even impressed myself and that takes some doing!

This is my offering for woyww and as you can all see i don't have a desk yet!!! Not been crafting long enough but I'm sure it will come. I am currently using the dining room table. This is the mini book I am working on for my challenge from Airing cupboard crafts of making a mini book of my 10 ten men. (this really took some thinking about but i am finally there)

I have covered and filed it to make the book look good now i just have to think about the way to place everything????? and the embellishments etc.

I have also found instructions to make a toilet roll mini book! I found this idea a bit quirky so might have a go at that later.



Monday, 15 March 2010

Day Off!!!

This is the result of my day at home some much needed Chocolate brownies.

Today i had a day off and a much needed day to myself!! I have managed to catch up ith loads of jobs around the house and spring clean the garden, after threatening to impale Cleo the puppy on the broom!! Not very helpful when you have a rottweiler hanging onto a broom and your trying to sweep. I managed to tease her to run off and play with a ball instead!

I have also had a play with my Cricut and managed a software update and also played with the SCAL and MTC free downloads but still unsure which to go for??

Now to have a play with the Cricut and cut some bits to finish my challenge from Airing Cupboard Crafts and embellish my Top 10 men mini book.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

So It has been a busy mother's day!!!! I have completed a Layout of my Baby Cleo, been thinking about this one for a while. Airing cupboard Crafts calls her ADHD dog and asks all the time if you can get Ritalin for dogs! But to me she is just precious.


I have also compiled the Top Ten list!!!! This really took some thinking about but now I have pics & logo's to use. I thought about the first time I saw these guys in films or on TV and how it made me feel so should be in for some interesting/funny comments in my mini book.

Here it is my new precious!!!!

Well as it is Mothering Sunday i have not done to bad and have been busy cleaning and preparing the Sunday lunch ( hubby did offer to do mount ironing so the house work and lunch was getting off lightly). I now however have time to think about what to do for the rest for the day and playing with my new Cricut is looking very good!! I think my crafting friend Airing cupboard crafts across the street might get a visit from me shortly to borrow some of her cartridges to play with!!!!!

We have been set a challenge from Airing cupboards crafts to make a mini book of our top ten men! I have to admit i am struggling with this one. The Top three are easy but then the next seven!!!! I think i am already nearing 50 (and hubby would have to come in about 50th) so gonna have to be names outta the hat I think!!

So I shall spend the day preparing my mini book and playing with my new printer and finding pic's of all of those men to drool over and print off.

Will post pics soon!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Publish Post

Hello All!!

This is my last Layout finished on Friday night

Well this is my first blog as a new crafter!!!! I have been inspired by a close friend who has been crafting for a long time!! I have to say after only 6 layouts and one Lugershall crop i am in love, so in love i have already spent a small fortune and acquired a Cricut. Only a baby but I am sure i can progress to the Expression with time!!