Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Well here we are and it is Wed again! Well it is really Tuesday eve as i am typing this, i will not be around until late tom evening. I have to go to a work conference! I know very boring well that was what i thought until i found out it is at center parks!!! so excited sub tropical swimming pool here i come :)

I has been a busy crafting week for me with the crop on Saturday and for once i really feel like i have something to show you!
So this is the desk this week and i have also found (took me this long as i am a blonde bird) that down in my little room i can stream ITV 1 and BBC 1 online so this is great news might not see much of the family at all now!!!

Well as i have already said Saturday just past was crop day and what a fab day was had by all, Jay made some fab little top hat treats for all of us and fab conversation was going all day. I did however manage to make 3 LO's

The first was a pic of my 3 not so babys now, taken at Longleat Safari Park last week in the glorious weather. Just for once they are smiling and happy together.

The second LO i produced was of a childhood memory! I have been thinking of this alot since my mum and dad recently moved from my childhood home into a bungalow, we found lots of old toys in the attic during the clear our but unfortunately not this one :( This is the toy i remember and loved the most during my early years so i thought just for a change i might do a LO of something. The tree trunk was lifted from a LO in the current issue of the scrapbook magazine, i do not have any more info as my daughter spilt a drink on mine last week and left it lying there for an hour of so until it was unrecognisable :( The trunk was done with double sided sticky tape and lots of string a little time consuming but pleased with the final product.
And so to my final LO and the one that makes me most proud! My boys in their Dukies school uniform!
So guys as you can see, as promised something crafty to finally look at this week on my desk!
I hope you have enjoyed a little peak and i will hopefully get to see some of yours tomorrow night or Thursday.
Happy crafting


  1. I had to think then - is it Wednesday! Great post.

  2. Wow that we layout of your fav toy brings back memories the wee tree house love the layouts
    #hugs judex

  3. Fab LOs. Happy memories to treasure eh?
    A x

  4. I do not know what streaming is..nor do I wanna learn. Technology. Bah. The Goonies was on C5 on Sunday, can you believe that!!

  5. awe.... i love the dukies, great layouts, great memories.