Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup Kick off!!

Good evening everyone,

Well here we are the rest of my house are gathered infront of the TV for the first England match (well OH and the dogs!) my boys will be gathered infront of the TV at school and well Maddy my little one said she would rather poo her pants than watch the foot ball! not very patriotic i know but I'm not really into the game either!

So i have found myself spending the majority of the day in the craft room playing, with the end of the school year looming i thought it was time to think about gifts for the children's teachers. I found a fab idea a few days ago over on scrapbook ideas blog, although i have not yet started to lift it!! My first end of term comes on the 2ND July when my boys boarding school breaks up for the summer.

They have many teachers and i could not afford of physically find the time to get round them all so i only do the three members of staff who look after my boys the majority of the time. These are Matron, Julie & the house master. Well i cannot imagine the HM enjoying many of my crafting achievements??? well it is a man thing. But matron & Julie who are the two important people who run the show will so here are the two little clipboards for their offices i have made today. Not the only pressie from me but just a little personal gift!

Well after finishing those i thought i would carry on and make a LO, one of those ones i have been thinking about and had the pic laying around for, for ages. It is my eldest son Luke and is all about his attitude!!! boy does he have one!

Happy crafting, see u on Wednesday



  1. great gifts, the staff will love them I'm sure. I was lucky and escaped the football, OH went out and I fell asleep lol

  2. Those are lovely Kel...I watched the football; can't help meself! I love the LO too - like the paper you for the title - well, I'd say that apple didn't fall far from the tree, huh!!

  3. LOL Julia - you know Kelly too well!!! Love the clipboards teachers will love them. Don't be horrible about my Lukie the problem is your too alike!!!! I really like the LO simple but really effective it's great xxx