Thursday, 19 August 2010

Keep missing Wednesdays!!!

Hi all

well it's been somtime and i have lacked the time and energy to scrap or blog :( Now we are well and truly into the summer holidays and i have been away completed all the tasks await me (except buying new uniform) I have found time to scrap and craft. So please scroll down to last Fridays blog to see what i have been up to. I have nothing to add today as it been quite a week and i have had 2 seperate visits to A & E this week with the family and a lovely day yesterday with Laura from airing cupboard crafts and some other friends shopping and lunching in town.
Happy crafting, i'm now off to hop through your blogs for inspairation :)


  1. Ladies wot lunch. And laugh, no doubt! Happy days.

  2. I hope you find some inspiration so you can join us mad peeps every week.


  3. oh, you need to find a wee bit of me time hun, hope you can join in soon

    judie xx

  4. hope you found inspiration (I always do)


  5. Your muse will hit you when you least expect it:)

  6. Hi Kelly
    Thanks for the contact regarding the crop, I will look into it to see if I am able to get there. Hope to see you there sometime soon x

  7. Thanks for coming on and sharing your doings.

  8. I understand time consuming. I've had my share this week when my computer contracted a virus on Wednesday. It's still not fixed, but I had to make sure I wasn't infecting anyone before I resumed my visits. I like that cone shaped giftie for a lucky child. Happy belated WOYWW.