Thursday, 18 March 2010

omg busy or what??

  • well ladies it must have been the sunshine this morning that inspired me to do something!!

Here are my take of Country Heart & homes Malteaser cakes! Yum will def be making these again and have a sneaking suspicion they won't last past tomorrow when the family return later!!!

This is also my take on Airing Cupboard crafts Sausage Plait, this is for our tea with some baked pots and sour cream....

And finally some Bread rolls....... Lunch

No crafting done here today but I am off over to Airing Cupboard Craft to play in a mo.... and I have a plan. I am now fed up with the mess on the dining room table and because I am one of those people who really does not do mess well and I have 2 strapping teenagers in bound from boarding school next week and they will create enough mess of their own!!!!

I have decided to convert my spare downstairs bedroom into my own craft room!!! (so excited) When I crossed Mr L's Path with this thought the response I got was do what you want you will anyway!!! ( this was as he was stood shouting out of the living room window to Airing Cupboard craft, see what you have done now!! It's costing me a fortune!!) He was only joking of course as a Golf Widow I think I owe some pay back on the amount he has spent over the last 20 years. So tomorrow is D day ladies and I will post pic's when I'm done.

Happy crafting for today

Kelly x

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