Sunday, 14 March 2010

Here it is my new precious!!!!

Well as it is Mothering Sunday i have not done to bad and have been busy cleaning and preparing the Sunday lunch ( hubby did offer to do mount ironing so the house work and lunch was getting off lightly). I now however have time to think about what to do for the rest for the day and playing with my new Cricut is looking very good!! I think my crafting friend Airing cupboard crafts across the street might get a visit from me shortly to borrow some of her cartridges to play with!!!!!

We have been set a challenge from Airing cupboards crafts to make a mini book of our top ten men! I have to admit i am struggling with this one. The Top three are easy but then the next seven!!!! I think i am already nearing 50 (and hubby would have to come in about 50th) so gonna have to be names outta the hat I think!!

So I shall spend the day preparing my mini book and playing with my new printer and finding pic's of all of those men to drool over and print off.

Will post pics soon!

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  1. Mmmm mini book of fave men.... And I see some of your choices too on the next photo lol - snap on some of them!