Wednesday, 31 March 2010


This is lovely present my friend from airing cupboard crafts bought over to me 2 days ago to cheer me up?? why I don't know not been that grumpy!!! Well did not think i was????But must have seemed it!!! However I was very grateful and they will look fab in my office at work! Thank you Laura

This is the state of my craft room this week!!! Have masses of paper to sort and need to get a grip! Have had a lovely delivery of Amercian Crafts papers and I love them! Just not yet figured out what im going to do with them. I seem to have a mental problem with buying papers at the moment and cannot stop myself!

This was me messing about this morning and having a go at a flower embelishment tutorial i saw on line!!! ok don't laugh i did say i was new to the crafting thing! however I do think it resembles a flower a little and my next attempt will be better (promise). I will keep trying before they are good enough for a LO.

Finally this the result of the Toilet Roll books i made this last week to give to my daughters teachers with a small egg to say thank you! I embelished the inside and put small pics and poems in them. The staff at school were very pleased with them and took time to come and thank me personally for a gift which was unique and personal!! So I m very pleased with my self. Now as today is payday and we are on 2 weeks school holidays it is time i made my way to the craft shop and spent some money to keep me busy!!! So happy crafting see you all next week



  1. You've been busy! The books look so much fun - I love the way you've decorated them. Your flower is a great first attempt - I followed a tutorial for something similar and it looks such a mess - so I thought I'd crumple it up into a ball - I rolled it into a tight little ball, between my hands then gently undid it just enough to make it look more like a flower. It ended up looking a bit like the Prima shabby roses. If you look here you'll find the first ones I made
    Give the crumpling up a go and see if you like your flower any better

  2. The books look great - and ditto with the flower - I gave up on the tearing and cut them and crumpled them lots and inked and stuff, I was wondering whether it was the paper I used!! I might try and make some bigger ones and see if I fair any better :)

  3. Hi Kelly
    Thanks for the comment on my blog about the birdhouse. As soon as I get my main PC back and the scanner reconnected I will scan the template and add to my blog.
    Thanks again